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About Me

I was living in Okotoks. I decided to move closer to where I grew up. In 2001, I found a house in Longview and bought it! I moved in 2 weeks before Christmas. I started renovations right away. I was buying furniture, building supplies and unpacking at the same time.

I realized that Christmas was getting closer and I was tired of spending money. I started to flip through some recipe books and made up the recipe for East meets West! I decided everyone was getting the same thing that year. I made a big batch of East meets West and packed a few jars to send to Ontario. The rest went to my family and friends in Alberta.

After Christmas, I started to get calls from my family. They loved it! They thought I should start selling it. Next was a call from my aunt in Ontario. She told me everybody was excited to get it and loved it too. Even my uncle. He didn’t like walnuts at all but he liked them in the honey. They both gobbled it up. My aunt thought I should also start selling it. She’s the type of person that doesn’t give compliments easily.

I thought I would try.

About Me Sarah
Hay Bear

I made some honey and took it down to the round up camp at the Bar U. I asked them if I could test the honey out there. I also asked them not to say who made it. They said it would be alright. Most of the people that were there, were from Europe. A lot of them didn’t now how to speak English well. I sat there listening to what people had to say for 8 hours. They all loved it.

After 8 hours of drinking coffee. I was done. I made my way up to the visitors’ center. I stopped in at the gift shop. I asked the manager if she would be willing to sell the honey there. She said yes. I had the honey there for about 6 years.

The company was growing! I couldn’t believe it. I thought this would be a hobby. I was wrong! It got to the point where I grew out of the gift shop. I started making different flavour and expanding. And here I am today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We all at Sweets by the Creek hope you enjoy all the things we offer.